Heroes Day

Heroes Day

Y.A.I Friends!

Happy Heroes Day 2021, Next Generation of the Nation!

Let's work and be Proud of the homeland of Indonesia. Be determined to help build a better country. Be Brave like Heroes who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the independence of our beloved country.

To celebrate Hero's day, let's use the YAI campus Hero's day Twibbon in the following way :

Caranya gampang banget!

1. Open link in the Bio or link: https://twb.nz/haripahlawannasioanalyaicampus 

2. Select the photo that will be used in the twibbon frame.

3. And then Save and share in social media or WA with the format I (name) Lecture/ Student (UPI Y.A.I/STIE Y.A.I/AA Y.A.I) and caption which are interesting about the spirit of Heroes day.

4. Don't forget tag @yai_campus and put hastag :

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